What to expect with our shave soaps...

Our shave soaps are made differently than most other shave soaps.  We use the cold process method and we also use soy wax for our stearic acid source.  This completely ensures that our soaps are palm-free!  All soaps are properly labelled with what is known as the universal language in the cosmetic industry (INCI). We do this to ensure the safety of our customers.

Please be advised that our soaps are VERY thirsty!!!  They can certainly hold a lot of water to build up that luxurious, whipped cream/yogurt-like lather.  If you find the lather seems a little dry once you begin to lather your skin, add more water!  Also note that our deer tallow is even MORE thirsty & offers additional slickness than our beef tallow base.

When you receive your shave soap, the jar will be about half full.  Each soap surface is also proudly stamped with our logo.  We use oversized low profile jars for our shaving soaps.  Each soap is filled with 106 g (3.75 oz.) of fully cured semi-hard shave soap. This allows our customers to easily load their shave brushes directly from the jar (if that is your preference). 

Some customers prefer to even fill the jar with a little warm/hot water to pre-soak the soap (bloom water).  While this is not necessary, some prefer this method.  You can even using this pre-soak water as a pre-shave treatment before lathering.

Small amounts of soap can be 'gouged' out and pressed into shave bowls for those that prefer the bowl lather method. 

We hope you enjoy thoroughly enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them just for you!